Regular preventative maintenance and service on your commercial HVAC equipment is essential for keeping a building’s environment comfortable and healthy. Comfortable temperatures and good air quality are essential for productive employees and customers.  Preventative maintenance can certainly improve your equipment’s lifespan, Signs that it may be time to replace a piece of equipment?

1. Energy Loss and Increases in Energy Bills:   Energy bills can fluctuate from month to month, however, drastic changes in your utility bills can be an early warning that your HVAC equipment is not functioning properly. Some energy loss is normal with any system. Regular maintenance and service may not be able to help with energy loss especially if it is time to replace equipment. Keeping track of utility bills will let you know if you are experience energy loss.

2. Abnormal Noises and Odors:   Grinding, squealing or any noise or smell that gets your attention are signs that your equipment is having problems. A prompt service call may resolve the problem. Ignoring unusual sounds and smells associated with your equipment will only make your problem worse. Talk with your service technician about the lifespan of the equipment. Is this a temporary fix? If so, replacement might be worth a thought. Your trusted contractor should be able to give you these answers.

3. Visible Signs of Malfunction:   Probably the easiest way to determine if your HVAC equipment is malfunctioning aside from sounds, smells and energy losses are the visible signs associated with your equipment. Leaks,  excessive moisture and rust are not only a headache, but can be harmful to your building’s overall air quality. Malfunctioning equipment such as this must be evaluated, retrofitted or replaced a soon as possible. If you are experiencing any of the problems discussed don’t hesitate to call us here at CMC Mechanical LLC. Our team can help you evaluate the condition of your equipment and discuss a plan that is cost effective and meets the needs of the building. Contact us at 301-241-0800.

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